Group Show with 280A at BETON7 | Athens Photo Festival, June 2018

Photography, Resin


The Infernal Machine is a bomb that could go off any moment. A danger that lies in the dark; even though we might know about its existence. Like Oedipus - who knew about his prophecy, but exactly fulfilled it unknowingly - we wander in the dark. We are blind and we are being blinded, as he was.

In the dark. Like our image on our screens, lured by technology and prone to merge with virtuality. Is there a danger in feeling attracted to all these digital surfaces reflecting back onto us? Is it a real threat to lose connection to everything lively around us? Will we give up being human (whatever this means) to neglect our bodies, the bodies of our lovers, the body of nature and live on as bodiless creatures in the cloud? Is this a prophecy that we might try to avoid but fulfill it nonetheless?


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Photos: Daniel Castells // Linn Phyllis Seeger


The Infernal Machine, Narcissus‘ pool // approx. 90x75cm // 2018 // Resin with black pigment
Michaela Putz
Michaela Putz // Foto: Linn Phyllis Seeger
Michaela Putz // Foto: Daniel Castells