Extinction Ballads 

Photographic Collages from found footage images

Orgiastic images for dying species. A visual ballad about what will have been.  
We live in abundant times. There is more than enough it seems, a steady growth of population, production, products. But then, we know this is not true. We live in baroque opulence while glaciers are melting, insects are dying, and countless species are about to go extinct. Our attempts to save them fail while we still try to entertain ourselves. Scrolling, swiping, tapping our phones to watch what is left. This is where they will end. As images and data. Images of a nature that became a well documented stranger. Soon to be memorized online, consumed on our screens.  

This series is based on found footage images of endangered and/or recently extinct plants.

Each motif is available as Archival Fine Art Prints
Exclusive Limited Edition 

More infos on demand.

Studio portrait Michaela Putz  © Michèle Yves Pauty 2021

© All works are under the
copyright of Michaela Putz