Exhibition view “Memory Matter. The Relationship Between Objects and Our Self”, Museum Villa Rot, 2022 | Photo: (c) Xavier Gonzalez

Screen Romance

Photography, 2018-2020

How do we relate to each other emotionally, physically, and romantically in times of flat surfaces? Skin (thus: surface) and gesture are crucial elements of love and intimacy – as well as for how we connect digitally. Getting in touch: we do this by stroking and swiping our smartphones in very intimate gestures. Almost like a lover, they demand a sensitive and gentle hand, and their algorithms can tell exactly who the one touching them is. Remembering every touch through their multiple sensors, remembering every image that has been taken. They never forget. So we, too, can never really forget. We live in a world of countless pictures. What to do with them once a lover is gone, a love is lost? Even if we delete all the images, they stay in the cloud. This work examines the relation between the cloudy memories of our human nature and the detailed, informative memories of our digital images. In a process of zooming into and re-touching intimate pictures of a past relationship, these series on the one hand reveals the underlying structures of technology, while also re-mystifying these memories through those smudged, blurred and indistinct images.

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