Black urn and engraving

Installation view:  CHURCH OF EGO / U10 Artspace Belgrade, Serbia
On invitation by 280A
Photo: Susanna Hofer, (c) 280A

Follow Me

Engraved Urn, 2019  

The work Follow Me is an aluminium urn, engraved on it is my instagram account. It raises the question of how the virtual persona is connected to the ‘real’, private persona. How does the virtual self, the one that is shared on platforms like Instagram, relate to and influences our personal lives. What happens to our most private and intimate data once we die, and how strong can the ‘death’ of the online representation of ourselves hit us? - I engraved my instagram account into an urn. The death of the ego. At least of the virtual one.


Michaela Putz (c) Bildrecht, 2023