Feelings are Facts: ANGST, Kunstverein Eisensadt, 2023, photo:  Rudolf Strobl

Black Mirror Portrait

Photography, 2018  

Our smartphones are cameras, storage media - and black mirrors: From their screens, we reflect back on ourselves, like Narcissus did, when he was falling in love with his own image. But the screens are dirty and our images stained, lured by technology and prone to merge with virtuality. Is there a danger in feeling attracted to all these digital surfaces reflecting back onto us? Is it a real threat to lose connection to everything lively around us? Will we give up being human (whatever this means) to neglect our bodies, the bodies of our lovers, the body of nature and live on as bodiless creatures in the cloud? Is this a prophecy that we might try to avoid but fulfill it nonetheless?

Archival Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 30x20 cm, Ed. 5+2 AP

Installation view:  TIM NOLAS 2019 / EVERLASTING LIGHT
Photo by  © Tim Nolas 2019


Michaela Putz (c) Bildrecht, 2023