Stained Landscapes


This photographic series is a reminiscence to use of the Claude Glass. This was a small black mirror which landscape painters in the beginning of the 19th century used to frame a beautiful scenery. The black surface of the mirror changed the impression of the surrounding by giving it a dark filter. A kind of visual manipulation that we know from apps like Instagram. Our small black mirrors are our smartphones today. While the romantic scenery of this park in Vienna was reflecting on the surface on my smartphone, I recreated this process by taking pictures of the landscape mirroring on the screen. The stains I had left on my screen, due to touching it, change the scenery and give it a washed out look. The picture doesn’t look as perfect like all the images that we see on Instagram since the messiness and the dirt of our bodies interfere with this approached perfection.

All works are available  as Limited Edition (5+2)
Pigment prints on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
Available sizes: 20x30cm, 40x60cm
More infos on demand.

© All works are under the
copyright of Michaela Putz