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Artist Book, 2021

Palinopsia is a visual disorder in which images are present in the visual field that were seen seconds or minutes before. Artist Michaela Putz's first artist book is titled PALINOPSIA and is an exploration of the afterimages of our digital age: the visual feeds from our smartphones that superimpose reality in front of us. The works in the book are taken from the "Screen Romance" series: For these, motifs from the artist's mobile image archive were photographed from the smartphone screen.

“What we see, however, are not the remembered moments; rather, we are looking at the process of remembering itself. In Putz’s pictures the transparent screen is rendered an almost opaque surface that—carved out by the camera flash and the extreme magnification—reveals a choreography composed by the use of these images: the traces of the interaction with the touchscreen, fingerprints, sebum residue, the smears from swiping across the display. (...) In their abstraction, the pictures in the series seem like Tachist compositions whose gestural brushstrokes offer reflections of the artist herself. They form a cartography of archival use and bear witness to the intensity with which these images are approached here.” - Fabian Knierim, translated by Georg Bauer

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine: Interview & Artist Talk about the artist book with Paula Marschalek︎︎︎

Author: Michaela Putz
Editing and Sequencing: Michaela Putz, Tiago Casanova, Pedro Guimarães
Design: Tiago Casanova
Text: Fabian Knierim
Translation & Proofreading: Georg Bauer
Prepress: Pedro Guimarãe
Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro

XYZ Books
64 pages
24 x 16 cm
Holographic Cover
Offset Print
First edition
ISBN: 978-989-53182-1-6

Price: € 30,-
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BMKÖS, Land Burgenland, Österreichische Botschaft Lissabon


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