Mirrored Landscapes, Imprinted Memories
Photography, Objects

Installation view | "Liquid Landscapes" (280A) / Ruby Marie Showroom | photo: Victor Galleguillos, 280A

In early 19th century, the Claude Glass was a common tool among picturesque artists: A small, convex-shaped black mirror that could fit in the pocket and helped to frame the beauty of a scenery. Nowadays, our small black mirrors are our smartphones, on which the surrounding reflects itself. Taking these pictures was a step back in my past. To be seen on the photos is the hill behind my family‘s house where I used to spend a lot of time as a kid. Nowadays, I usually don‘t go there. I only look at it from the distance. Some paths we don‘t walk anymore. I took the photos while they were reflecting on my smartphone screen. And so it became one with the traces I left on its surface – fingerprints, fat and dirt. The landscape of my childhood looks distorted and smudged. A bit unclear, out of focus. The way my memory changes my past. I usually take pictures to remember. Later, I can look at them on my smartphone. Or share them on Instagram. When I was a kid, I didn‘t have a smartphone to help me remember. No need to capture anything, no need to share. I was so immersed by this surrounding that I thought I remembered it clearly. But then, we all leave our imprints on our memories. And so the past changes.

All works are available  as Limited Edition (2+1)
Pigment prints on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
Various dimensions
More infos on demand.

 Installation view | Everlasting Light - TIM NOLAS (© Tim Nolas 2019)

Photo: David Kurz

Installation view | "Liquid Landscapes" (280A) / Ruby Marie Showroom | photo: David Kurz

© Michaela Putz, Bildrecht