Archival Fine Art Prints in alu frames and museums glass, edition of 2+1


Photo-based collages, 2019-2020

The works from the series LETHE are constructed objects of photographic memories. Digitally documented pieces of porcelain figurines, glass and other objects were rebuilt and shaped into new pieces with a life and history of their own. Taken from the past and transferred into a timeless dimension, they become relique-like artifacts of a past that bears in them the processes of manipulation and digital sculpting. They then stand for a fictious memory that may have not existed in this exact form.

Archival Fine Art Print Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth, in alu frame and museums glass, 35x25 cm (left) 
Archival Fine Art Print Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth, mounted on alu dibond, 70x50 cm
Exhibition view Salzamt Linz, Ars Electronica Festival, photo: (c) Anna-Katharina Nickel, 2021


Michaela Putz (c) Bildrecht, 2023