Photos: (c) Marko Risovi, 2021


Interactive Installation in public space for Mikrogalerija CPN in Belgrade/Serbi with Mato Lagator
December 2021 - February 2022

The interactive installation for the Mikrogalerija CPN in Belgrade took upon the issues of the digitalization of our everyday lives and the consequences that such everyday life creates – rare metal mining, energy consumption, planned obsolescence of technology, electronic waste, social ignorance of the implications of the comfort that digital technologies provide. It questionned the knowledge of the components that our computers are made of, what minerals are in the batteries of our phones and where these raw materials have been excavated before they ended up in the devices.

A temperature sensitive layer on the front window revelaed more information about these questions and the hidden digital traces of the “hypercene”.

Panel Discussion about “the digital and the anthropocene” at the center for the promotion of science on December 2nd.

Photos: (c) Marko Risovi, 2021

Photo: (c) Marko Risovi, 2021


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