Music Video with Matte/Glossy

Millennial Burnout is the second single from La soledad es mi palacio, the first solo album of the artist Matte/Glossy. Millennial Burnout is an ode against the self-exploitation to which capitalism pushes us. Millennial Burnout is accompanied by a music video created with Austrian artist Michaela Putz. The video is based on her series of works: Extinction Ballads, where orgiastic images remind us of the hyper-abundance in which we live. While glaciers melt and countless species become extinct, we try to thrive, produce and consume. Watching on our phones what is still left: images of a nature that became a well documented stranger. The video has been edited by Violeta from recordings made by Michaela Putz during her artistic process.


Album Cover Artwork for Matte/Glossy

Next to the music video, the album cover is also made with an artwork from the series “Extinction Ballads”.


Cover Artwork for Xavier Scholz

Xavier Scholz is a songwriter and drummer of Chilean origin who has been living in Vienna since 2016. Spittelau is an electro mantra shrouded in mystery and dadaism.

Xavier Scholz︎︎︎

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