A Study on the Sound of Danger

Object, Metal Plate (42cm), Stativ, MP3-Player, Headphones



Exhibition view


Information through sound

@ CITYGate Shopping

Wagramer Str.195, 1210 Wien

Juni 2016


Siren discs used to be the active element of sirens, whose signals warn of dangers such as attacks or disasters. The structure of the siren discs is reminiscent of punch cards; used for data processing. The object shows such a disk. The data shows shootouts, amok raids and bomb attacks around the world from a week in May 2016 - a map of life-threatening events. A hole was drilled into the disc per event. Without an accurate map, no precise conclusions can be drawn about the location of the incident. The audio is a collection of siren noises from the affected places.




A Study on the Sound of Danger, Michaela Putz 2016